WooCommerce: Bulk Dynamic Pricing Without a Plugin

You’re looking to assign different unit prices based on the quantity added to Cart, for example from 1-100 price is $5, from 101-1000 price is $4.90 and from 1001 units ordered price becomes $4.75.

There are many “Dynamic Pricing” plugins out there (and the number #2 on this article would suit complex pricing rules and dynamic discounts), but this time I want to teach you a simple code to DIY WooCommerce quantity-based pricing.

As usual, comments and shares are much appreciated. Enjoy!

Screenshot of a WooCommerce product with €34 price per unit below our bulk pricing thresholds (more screenshots below)

PHP Snippet: Change Product Price Based on Quantity Added to Cart (Bulk Pricing)

In our example, our product price is €34 and I want to apply a 5% discount above 100 units and a 10% discount above 1000 units. Screenshots for threshold 1 and threshold 2 are below the snippet.

Threshold 1 reached: 5% discount
Threshold 2 reached: 10% discount