WooCommerce: Move & Customize Upsells @ Single Product

Keeping WooCommerce upsells at the very bottom of the single product page it’s kinda boring. In my view, WooCommerce users want to know there are upsells even before they scroll down (you also might want that: upsell means more profit). Amazon does that too.

In this tutorial, we will see not only how to move them to the top, right below the Add to Cart, but also how to customize the upsells output to show just 2 columns and remove default WooCommerce “loop” elements such as the Add to Cart. Enjoy!

Move WooCommerce product upsells under the “Add to Cart” button and customize them

PHP Snippet 1: Move (a.k.a. remove, then re-add) Product Upsells Under Add to Cart @ Single Product Page

PHP Snippet 2: Change Product Upsells Output to 2 Columns @ Single Product Page

PHP Snippet 3: Remove Default Elements From Product Upsells Output e.g. Add to Cart @ Single Product Page